Let Teamwork Solutions help extend your Lotus Notes client applications to the web and mobile devices. Extend your IBM Lotus Notes client applications to the web and to hand-held devices

Are you considering making your Lotus Notes client applications available to users on additional platforms? If so, you're not alone.

Whether it is in support of a changed messaging platform, in an effort to do away with ever-larger and more complicated client application software, or simply to extend the reach of their most important applications to an increasingly-mobile workforce, many clients are actively in the process of converting their Lotus Notes client applications for use from the web. Or hand-held devices. Or, in many cases, both.

Not only does converting your applications for web and mobile use make sense from an availability standpoint, doing that conversion using your existing Domino server platform makes business sense, too. Notes and, with it, Domino are terrific rapid application development platforms, ideally suited to quickly and efficiently building a broad range of applications.

In literally a fraction of the time and effort it would take to duplicate your existing applications (or even to create new ones) in one of the .NET technologies or in J2EE, with Domino you can be up and running and ready for more. Even better, Domino's flexible development tools make it possible to quickly adjust and modify your applications down the road as the needs of the business change.

Do you have an upcoming Notes conversion project you'd like to discuss? Give us a call at 614-457-7100 x201 and see how easy it can be to move your business to the web.

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